Beyond Good & Evil 2

Beyond Good & Evil 2 stream shows off new art and music

The latest developer update reveals the newest iteration of the Mammago Rhino, but still gives no word on a release date.

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Last night a stream was held by Ubisoft to show us more on Beyond Good & Evil 2, and here we to see a whole host of new concept images, detailing the return of some beloved characters, as well as a first look at the game's soundtrack.

Throughout the livestream (a replay of which can be found here) multiple new images were revealed, giving an in-depth look behind the game through the use of concept art. We got to see a whole bunch of different locations and characters, including a look at some of the title's hazardous environments and sprawling cities.

We got a glimpse at the music of the game too, and Beyond Good and Evil 2 has partnered with HitRecord to bring community music to the title. During this livestream we got to hear the first round of selected community-created tunes for the game, and this music will be discoverable throughout the game, heaving its very own artwork to accompany it. If you wish to try your hand at creating some music for the anticipated title, you can sign up here.

Perhaps the most exciting reveal of the stream was the announcement that everyone's favourite space rhinos will be making a comeback. The first set of concept art - accompanied with a short look at a moving character model for the Mammago Rhino - was shown, bringing the original mammal mechanics back in high-definition glory.

This was about all we got to see during the update, as no new gameplay was revealed, nor was a release date, as you can see on the site. If you are expecting some Beyond Good and Evil 2 announcements during Ubisoft's E3 conference though, we should remind you that the title will not be making an appearance this year.

Are you still excited for Beyond Good and Evil 2?

Beyond Good & Evil 2

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