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Better Together update will unify Minecraft

Minecraft finally has one version across nearly all platforms.

One problem that has plagued Minecraft since Mojang brought it to multiple platforms is that each edition of the game for the various platforms was at a different stage of development. PC has always been the furthest ahead, while the console editions suffered from limited world size and were often months behind in development, and Pocket Edition was at another stage entirely.

This summer, more versions of Minecraft will be standardised. From Pocket Edition to Windows 10, Xbox One to Nintendo Switch; you will be able to access and play on the same worlds across nearly all platforms. This has been possible because Mojang have spent the time to make sure all the code is unified across most versions.

This unified version is all possible through what they're calling the Bedrock Engine. One of the main difficulties Mojang had with updating Minecraft, is articulating to the community which version the update was coming out on. Now, it's all fixed, taking the new addition of parrots for example: "Parrots are now coming to Minecraft, including Java Edition, rather than naming each specific edition."

One of the biggest improvements for this unification is that worlds on consoles won't be limited to the 5120x5120 block constraints. Existing worlds will suddenly expand, so you don't even have to start over. Realms also now exist on the bedrock platform, so friends can play together cross-platform. DLC carries over from one system to another, and the Minecraft Marketplace will be available to the added platforms this summer. This is fantastic for families with a Realm and multiple platforms, as now it's possible to have one player using the handheld Switch, another on the TV in the living room with the Xbox One, another on the sofa using a smartphone, and somebody else sat in the kitchen on a laptop, all playing on the same Realm, for example.

Do you play Minecraft on more than one platform? Let us know down below.


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