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League of Legends

Betradar and Dojo Madness partner to provide live esports odds

Bookmakers will be given the tools to provide these odds.

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Betting on esports is no small industry, and is worth millions of pounds already, so Sportradar, through Betradar, has partnered with esports data startup Dojo Madness to provide bookmakers tools to give live odds for online and offline esports competitions.

The exclusive partnership has a starting term of eight years, according to Forbes, and the deal will extend automatically unless either side uses the opt out clause. Revenue share of some form or another is guaranteed.

Dojo Madness CEO Jens Hilgers said: "Betradar doesn't want to miss the esports portal. We bumped into Betradar and realised that Betradar had trouble to create the algorithms to predict the outcome of esports matches. Betradar found that we had actually done that already."

"Esports games are much more complex than traditional sports. The strategic depths are significantly higher," explains Hilgers. "Modeling that out with people who have never played esports games is complex. You need to aggregate a lot of data in various ways."

"We were always clear that esports live betting provided a great opportunity to invigorate the market, but we weren't prepared to rush in at the cost of our, and our clients', reputation," said James Watson, Betradar's Head of Esports. "We're delighted to have been able to partner with industry-experts Dojo to create a best-in-class approach, further enhancing the exclusive fast content from our partnership with ESL - we have really created a new and unique framework that will greatly benefit operators."

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League of Legends

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