Fallout 76

Bethesda wants to find "right way" to explain Fallout 76's systems

Todd Howard told us that there's a fine line with how you communicate features.

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At Gamelab 2018 Todd Howard was given the Legend award for his contribution to the games industry, and when we spoke with him at the event we couldn't help but ask about not only the award, but also how the announcement of Fallout 76 went down after the dust had settled on E3 a few weeks ago.

"I was happy with how E3 went, it's a lot of work, and our games are big and complicated, so just explaining them in a short period of time is always tricky, but there was so much excitement and the buzz about the game was beyond even what we expected, because it is a different Fallout game," he explained. "It's not what we usually do, so you never know how everyone's gonna react, and it's a little bit scary for us and it's scary for a lot of our long-time fans, but it's a game we've wanted to make for a while, it's turning out great."

"And how we communicate those things - there's still a long time till launch, there's a good amount of time, and people are I would say desperate for information. They keep asking us, and we want to find the right way to explain systems in the game, because if we say too little it's confusing and it leads to more questions and we need to find a good way to take a system, whether it's PvP or building or other things, and really dive deep for our fans and say 'here's how it works, not just here's how it works but here's why it works that way', and some of that stuff we're still tuning."

Are you happy with all the systems you've seen in Fallout 76 so far, and what would you like explained further?

Fallout 76

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