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Bethesda: Starfield will make you lose your mind

Lead game designer and writer Emil Pagliarulo gave some thoughts on the upcoming RPG.

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There's still more we don't know about Starfield, than we actually do know and we haven't seen any gameplay yet. What we do know its that it is Bethesda's first new IP in over two decades and that it has been compared to Skyrim in space but much bigger, a Han Solo simulator, and NASA punk.

Now Bethesda has published an interview with the lead game designer and writer Emil Pagliarulo, who seems to be very confident in the game - and thinks it will cause us to lose our minds:

"It's been so awe-inspiring watching Starfield morph into this amazing game, little by little, and with us covering SO much new ground. There comes a point when you're working on a game, and it's just kind of a mess, especially early on, because - news flash! - that's what game development is.

But then you get to that point where systems really start to come online, and things start to work well, and gel, and you see everything forming into the vision you had when you first started on this crazy journey. When that first happened with Starfield, it really was an, 'Oh. Oh wow. Yeah. This is... something really special. Players are going to lose their minds.' Now we just have to finish it!"

Starfield launches on November 11 for PC and Xbox Series S/X. It is also included with Xbox Game Pass starting day one.


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