Bethesda sends Deathloop voice actor a PlayStation 5

Colt's voice actor, Jason Kelley will finally be able to play the game.

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Deathloop launched on September 14 for both PC and PlayStation 5, and we know a lot of you have already played it. But not everyone, and one of them who hasn't had the opportunity yet is Jason Kelley.

This is the voice actor of the protagonist Colt in the actual game, and he revealed around the launch of the game that he had no PlayStation 5 and would like to play Deathloop. This was heard by Bethesda's veteran Pete Hines, who tweeted:

"I can probably help find you a PS5 so you can play it. You deserve a chance to play as Colt and enjoy your own amazing performance. :-)"

The story could have ended there, but when Kelley joined the podcast JumpCut PLAY the other day, he actually revealed that it wasn't just empty words from Hines, who actually have sorted this out:

"I was just notified by Bethesda that a PS5 was made available and is going to be shipped to me, with the game as well. So, I'll be playing the game... I'm super excited."

This story is of course fascinating for many reasons as it shows that not even people in the actual games can easily get a console from the new generation, and also the fact that a Microsoft owned publisher like Bethesda is helping people getting a Sony console.

Have you played Deathloop yet and what did you think of it?


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