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Bethesda parent company trademarks 'Deathloop'

ZeniMax Media filed the trademark on December 26, and people have uncovered a description linking it to mobile devices.

Bethesda and Fallout 76 have been discussed a lot in our industry recently, having gone through a lot of controversy, but the show must go on for the developer and their parent company ZeniMax Media. In fact, people online have just discovered something very interesting coming from the latter.

This is because ZeniMax Media has filed a trademark for something called 'Deathloop', filed by the United States Patent and Trademark Office on December 26, so mere weeks ago.

You can see the application here, and the description reads as follows:

"Mobile application software, namely, electronic game programs; computer game software for use with on-line interactive games; video games for mobile devices."

A little bit further down things become even more clear:

"Entertainment services, namely, providing on-line interactive computer games; online interactive games accessible via mobile phones and wireless devices."

So it seems that Deathloop will be a mobile game, maybe even developed by Bethesda. After all, they already have mobile games under their belt like Fallout Shelter, with The Elder Scrolls: Blades also coming our way in the future.

We should also remember that Deathloop may only be a trademark ZeniMax wanted to secure for some kind of future use, so may not be developed as a video game at all.

What do you want Deathloop to be?