Fallout 3

Bethesda goes after fan posters

Copyright infringement?

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A Norwegian Fallout fan, Erling Løken Andersen, created a website called Fallout Posters last year, where he posted some posters recreated or inspired by the game Fallout: New Vegas. Andersen, who had created these to decorate his own apartment, felt that the hours he put into them could benefit other fans out there and thus he created the site.

This prompted Bethesda, holders of the Fallout rights, to go to action through international law firm DLA Piper. Andersen, who claims "fair use" and has no commercial interest in this, has detailed the proceedings in a blog post.

It should be noted that the way copyright laws work, Bethesda has to go after anyone who seemingly infringes on their work or else they may end up losing the copyright protection. Remains to be seen what happens in this case.

Fallout 3

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