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Bethesda confirms BattleCry development suspended

Title "put on hold" and devs working on other projects.

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Over the weekend we reported that BattleCry Studios is working with id Software on Doom's multiplayer, prompting us to ask Bethesda whether the studio's own game, the self-titled BattleCry, is still in development. Now we have an answer.

"BATTLECRY game development has been suspended as the game still requires significant modifications to meet our quality standards," a spokesperson from the publisher told us today.

"The development effort for the game has been put on hold while the team at BattleCry Studios continues working on other projects."

That's obviously not a definitive cancellation, but it also suggests that the project is in serious trouble. With the studio working on other projects, such as the aforementioned collaboration with id on Doom, it's hard to see a positive outcome for the online action title.

Will the team ever get the chance to make the "significant modifications" needed for Bethesda to greenlight the game's release? Unless the publisher outright cancels the project, we'll just have to wait and see what the future brings.


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