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Fallout 76

Bethesda announces egg hunt in Fallout 76

Collect all six Deathclaw eggs to find a surprise in your crafting station.

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Easter is almost here and this does of course include eggs. Tons of eggs. Even digital eggs in video games. And that implies to dark, post-apocalyptic ones as well. Now Bethesda has revealed their plans for Fallout 76, which includes various Decorative Deathclaw eggs painted in different colours for you to discover in the Atomic Shop every other day.

Here's all the Easter eggs you can find and also the dates you should go on an egg hunt. Bethesda also writes that you should "collect all 6 to find a surprise in your crafting station":

  • Classic Deathclaw Easter Egg - March 23 to March 27

  • Patterned Deathclaw Easter Egg - March 25 to March 29

  • Paint Splotch Deathclaw Easter Egg - March 27 to March 31

  • Pink Flower Deathclaw Easter Egg - March 29 to April 2

  • Onyx Deathclaw Easter Egg - March 31 to April 4

  • Flowery Deathclaw Easter Egg - April 2 to April 6

Why not try this 100% COVID-19 free (although probably very radioactive!) egg hunt this Easter?

Fallout 76

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