Best so far in 2024

The first half of 2024 is over and now we're taking a look at which games have impressed us the most so far...

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Best so far in 2024


Animal Well

Indie dude Billy Basso's latest gem took around seven years to develop, largely because he spent a long time working on his own game engine to perfectly capture the look he imagined would best suit the concept. When we got to put our sweaty paws on Animal Well, we were impressed by how atmospheric it was, cleverly designed, cosy, detailed and, above all, retro in all the right ways.

Best so far in 2024


Manor Lords

If you are thinking of building a village in the Middle Ages, you will like Manor Lords. In this simulation, you will create a village and develop it into a grand city with fortresses, churches and homes. You will also lead troops in something similar to the battles in Total War. You always need to think about when you are fighting and if you are going to fight. Your food producers are also your soldiers. With its beautiful graphics, depth of gameplay, and addictive set-up, it's one of the finest strategy games of the year. What holds it back is that it's still in Early Access. It lacks some maps, buildings and types of soldiers. There is also a need to balance the game. It's something the developers are working hard on ahead of the title's 1.0 launch. Even though it's not finished, it's still a fantastic example of what indie developers with passion can achieve. That's why it makes it to number nine on our list.

Best so far in 2024


Stellar Blade

Few gamers would turn down a tight, linear and explosive action fest. So when Stellar Blade was unveiled, we were hoping for something that could fulfil all those hopes and what we finally got turned out to be just as good on all those points as you could wish for. Leading the main character Eve through all sorts of environments in a game that both borrowed and mixed from many fantastic sources of inspiration turned out to be so good because the individual elements worked so well together. We were treated to an adventure that both felt familiar and at times managed to surprise and although it did not directly break any new ground, it was above all thanks to fantastic battles against the game's powerful bosses something very special.

Surprisingly, the adventure was also accompanied by a lovely pop soundtrack. That alone was one of several elements that made the journey special. It also quickly became clear that we didn't have to worry that the design would revolve around long legs and bouncy females. On the contrary, these observations were quickly set aside when we were offered so much else to be entertained by. Being put to the test and having to fully master the combat system was just one of many ingredients that made us really enjoy Stellar Blade.

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It's always fun to have brand new IPs among the best of the year and now that Eve has made a grand entrance, we hope that this is just the beginning and that we will see a sequel in the future.

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Best so far in 2024


V Rising

Sometimes games come out of nowhere that really surprise and slip in as editorial favourites. This is the case with V Rising. We're talking about a consistently well-constructed and designed adventure, but one that has the audacity to demand a bit from you as a player. You need to know what this is and, above all, what it is not. What we get is not just a Diablo clone, but also an adventure that gives us really in-depth opportunities to build and manage our own castle. In short, if you like Diablo gameplay but want something really special, then you should saddle up and become a dark overlord to build your own kingdom in V Rising.

Best so far in 2024


Homeworld 3

There was at least one person in the editorial office who was keen to return to the beloved Homeworld strategy series. It is particularly clear that the possibilities of moving throughout the three-dimensional space have not been surpassed in the strategy genre. Blackbird Interactive managed to prove with Deserts of Kharak that they understand the brand. Homeworld 3 is a really well-crafted title. With a gripping story, great music and improved game mechanics, it once again manages to enchant us. Its strength just like its predecessors lay not in the multiplayer mode but the campaign. The ability to use the environments as cover or transport routes was also a welcome upgrade. By making full use of the 3D environments, you can both ambush and surprise enemies from different directions. It's undoubtedly one of the more unique experiences of the year and a great strategy game, despite a lack of multiplayer content. That's why it lands at number six in our list.

Best so far in 2024



If someone, a couple of years ago, had predicted that one of 2024's best and most surprising games would be a roguelike based on a classic French-English deck of cards, many would probably raise their eyebrows in disbelief. But Balatro exists today and we at the editorial office have truly come to love the whole concept of collecting more and better playing cards, as well as finding perfect combinations in an immensely entertaining version of poker that turns the rulebook into something new and exciting, while keeping the core intact. Halfway into 2024, we're struggling to find a title that stands out as much as LocalThunk's card-based roguelike does, and that's why Balatro sails into a well-deserved fifth place on the list of the best games of the year (so far).

Best so far in 2024


Lorelei and the Laser Eyes

Swedish adventure Lorelei and the Laser Eyes blends gameplay and storytelling in a unique way, allowing us to puzzle in a way we've never done before. The solutions are often as obscure as they are ingenious, and there are few games that consistently provide such a sense of joy as this one. If you're the type who enjoys trying to interpret texts, numbers and symbols to discover the secrets behind it all, and appreciate the likes of Hitchcock and Lynch, we can't recommend you enough to check out Hotel Letztes Jahr. Lorelei and the Laser Eyes is a unique gaming experience that greatly contributes to broadening what gaming can really be.

Best so far in 2024


Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes

Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes is certainly one of the best games of 2024 thanks to its perfect combination of nostalgia and innovation. Created by the original developers behind the Suikoden series, the adventure offers a deep and engaging story with over a hundred unique heroes to recruit. Each has their own abilities and backstories, adding variety, depth and personality. The graphics are a stunning mix of 2D sprites and 3D environments, creating a visual retro firework display. Motoi Sakuraba's music also enhances the emotional atmosphere, and ultimately Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes is a loving tribute to classic JRjapoan role-playing games, making it a must-have addition to your game collection.

Best so far in 2024


Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth

It was clear early on that Infinite Wealth would be a unique game in the series. Not only is it the first adventure with the new name Like a Dragon, but it is also the first game set outside of Japan and the first game to be developed, at least in large part, without the series creator. The result is a fresh, huge and well-written adventure in which the new and old protagonist from the series cross paths countless times to mark the start of something new in arguably the series' best adventure to date. In short, it's not something fans of Japanese role-playing games should be without.

Best so far in 2024


Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

The first game in the remake series was already a phenomenal experience that we immediately rewarded with the highest rating. But if the sequel had been a similar game, it would not have been enough for the same judgement. With a new console generation and an adaptation of the open game world from the original, it simply required a lot more, but when we finally got the opportunity to sink our teeth into Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, it quickly became clear that all the improvements we had hoped for were indeed there.

The second adventure in the series proved to be filled to the brim with brilliant content. We were greeted by a myriad of engaging mini-games and a brilliant card game that captured our attention - a game we hope gets even more love and development in the future. The game world in Rebirth was also gigantic and full of exciting secrets and unexpected surprises that made every moment a new adventure.

The story kept us gripped from start to finish with its intrigue, twists, and in-depth character developments. When it came time to rate the game, there was no doubt that it deserved the highest rating. Now we can't wait for the third game in the series, which we hope will exceed our already high expectations.

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