Wake Up Dead Man: A Knives Out Mystery

Benoit Blanc returns in a new Knives Out mystery next year

Netflix has only revealed the film's title so far.

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If you're after a modern mystery solver, you can't do much better than Benoit Blanc. Though he's only been in two films, the Daniel Craig character has quickly become beloved by audiences, with many eagerly awaiting his next caper.

Netflix has revealed the title of that upcoming movie. It's called Wake Up Dead Man, and has the usual Knives Out mystery tag underneath, just so we all know what we're getting in for. Apart from Blanc being back, we can probably expect an entirely new cast of celebrities, one of which is likely to be a terrible murderer.

While we can still dream of it, it's unlikely that this movie is going to be the Muppets version of Knives Out, where Blanc is the only human character. Sorry to burst your bubble there, folks.

What do you think the mystery will be about and who do you think will be in it?

Wake Up Dead Man: A Knives Out Mystery

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