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Microsoft Flight Simulator

Benelux and France are now looking even better in Microsoft Flight Simulator

The World Update is free to download.

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After giving Japan some extra love in Microsoft Flight Simulator, followed by the United States and then the UK, the time has come to give Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, and France some special treatment in a new World Update.

Thanks to this, Amsterdam and Paris is now highly detailed and more than 100 points of interest has been added for a nice sightseeing. This includes Dutch windmills, Church of Our Lady in Bruges, the stunning Vianden Castle from Luxembourg, Paris' world famous Arc de Triomphe and the Battle of Waterloo monument in... well... Waterloo. Oh, and there's some sort of tall tower in Paris that is looking really dapper now as well.

Check it all out in the new trailer below, and make sure to download this free update. This summer, Microsoft Flight Simulator is also coming for Xbox Series S/X and hopefully also Xbox One (it is included with Xbox Game Pass).

Also, can we have Italy and maybe Greece next please?

Microsoft Flight Simulator
Microsoft Flight Simulator
Microsoft Flight Simulator
Microsoft Flight Simulator

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