Days Gone

Bend Studio issues statement addressing former creative director's recent "woke" comments

The developer "does not share [John Garvin's] sentiment, nor does it reflect the views of our team.

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Just a few days ago, John Garvin, the former creative director of Bend Studio, when the developer was working on Days Gone, put out a few tweets talking about why the game failed to impress in the eyes of critics. There was mention that it was down to "woke reviewers", albeit if the bugs didn't help. Needless to say, this stance soon led to Garvin deleting the tweets, but the damage had already been done.

Following this situation, Bend Studio has now published a statement where it addresses Garvin's comments, and officially declaring that it does not take a similar stance.

"We are aware of the comments made by our previous Creative Director on Days Gone regarding his personal view on the critical reception of our intellectual property. Bend Studio does not share his sentiment, nor does it reflect his views of our team. Our studio is immensely proud of the work we accomplished on Days Gone and are thankful to every developer who poured their heart and soul into it."

The statement continues, "We are incredibly humbled by the support of our Days Gone community and we will continue to share your enthusiasm for our world and characters as we look toward the future."

Over the years since Days Gone debuted, fans have been asking for a sequel and have even started a petition which has continued to grow and grow in size.

Days Gone

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