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      Bend Studio is working on a multiplayer IP that builds on systems from Days Gone

      And the Oregon-based developer has unveiled a new logo.

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      While Bend Studio didn't have a presence at the recent State of Play broadcast, the Oregon-based studio has now been the focus of a fresh PlayStation Blog article that has revealed both a new logo for the developer, but also a very brief bit of information about the next game it is working on.

      As stated in the article, Bend says, "As part of the PlayStation Studios family, we promise to continue bringing you quality experiences that aim to leave an everlasting impact with you."

      "Today, we are excited to share just a snippet of news on our current project. We are currently working on a new IP that includes multiplayer and builds upon the open-world systems of Days Gone, but brings you a whole new world that we are extremely excited to craft for you. We cannot wait to reveal it to you when the time is right."

      While this isn't a lot to go on, those who are a fan of Days Gone will hopefully be excited by the promise that this holds.

      As for the logo redesign, this is said to be "an abstract and modern interpretation of the studio's history, location, and lifestyle." Take a look at the new logo below.

      Bend Studio is working on a multiplayer IP that builds on systems from Days Gone

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