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Belgium's ban on loot boxes has proved to be pointless

82% of the highest 100 grossing iPhone games in the country feature the monetisation states a new study.

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It was in the spring of 2018 that Belgium decided to ban loot boxes from games altogether. At the time, Belgium's government and lawmakers considered loot boxes to be a disguised form of hazard gambling that also targeted children, which made them see red. Now, however, a recent study has revealed that Belgium's current politicians don't give a damn about their "new" legislation and that 82% of all mobile games released in the country contain loot boxes.

The study states:
"Paid loot boxes remained widely available amongst the 100 highest-grossing iPhone games in Belgium: 82.0% continued to generate revenue through a randomised monetisation method, as did 80.2% of games rated suitable for young people aged 12+. The Belgian 'ban' on loot boxes has not been effectively enforced."


Belgium's ban on loot boxes has proved to be pointless

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