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Before Virtual Boy, Nintendo was working on 'Super Visor'

But that was canned by Game Boy creator Gumpei Yoko.

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Jeremy San founded Argonaut, the tech-driven studio from England who came to define what the Super Nintendo could do with the cult classic game Star Fox, based on his ideas for the SuperFX chip that powered the game's impressive graphics (for the time). After the success of that chip and of Star Fox, Argonaut and San were ordered by Nintendo to start working on a brand new piece of VR technology that they codenamed Nintendo Super Visor, which was allegedly canceled by Game Boy/Virtual Boy-creator Gumpei Yoko, as San explained in a recent interview with Metro:

"I worked on a VR machine called the Super Visor for Nintendo, but unfortunately, we fell out. A guy called Mr Gunpei Yokoi cancelled our project in favour of the Virtual Boy, which we used to call the Virtual Dog because it was so bad. He made a bet in the wrong direction, cancelled our project and his one was awful."

Would you have liked to see the Super Visor come to life?

Before Virtual Boy, Nintendo was working on 'Super Visor'

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