Bees fly into Minecraft with a brand new trailer

The new creatures come with baby variants, honey blocks, and beehives, also coming into the newly Bedrocked PS4 version.

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We've known about bees buzzing into Minecraft for a while now, and Mojang has announced that they're now here for players to enjoy, letting those with the Bedrock edition enjoy the creatures.

This comes with baby bees, honey blocks, and bee hives/nests, all of which should help add a little extra to your Minecraft experience. You can even check all of this out in a lovely little trailer below, dedicated to all things bees.

Just recently Minecraft on PS4 turned into the Bedrock Edition to enable cross-play, which is big news for those on PS4 wanting to play the same game as others. This means unified code and access to the Minecraft Marketplace too, not to mention bees now.

Are you buzzing about the bees?


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