Tom the postgirl

Become a peeping Tom in this upcoming indie game

Tom the postgirl is a game with very ulterior motives.

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While we wouldn't usually condone stalking in any sense, if you have ever had an inkling to try your hand at it then the latest game from Oopsie Daisies Studio is probably worth taking a look at.

Known as Tom the postgirl, this title is all about exploring a hand-drawn world as a young postgirl who uses her job and role to get close to the residents of the town and to get glimpses and brief peeks into their lives without arousing too much suspicion. You'll have to explore, peek, and then ultimately decide whether you want to either deliver a resident's package or instead swipe it and see what's inside for yourself if the intrigue becomes too powerful. Why should you do this and not just act as the humble postgirl? Because something strange is happening in the town and it's up to Tom to find out precisely what.

Tom the postgirl will be looking to debut sometime in Q3 of 2025, and on currently unspecified platforms. Check out the reveal trailer below.


Tom the postgirlTom the postgirl
Tom the postgirlTom the postgirl

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