Petal Runner

Become a motorcycle courier in a pixel world in Petal Runner

Nano Park's indie title will take players to a very pink cyberpunk town.

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As part of the Day of the Devs showcase, Nano Park Studios just revealed its upcoming title Pixel Runner. This game is described as a "coming-of-age story" that is set in a "cyberpunk-inspired, pixel-art-powered open world", and follows the characters of Cali and Kai as they train to become specialised motorcycle couriers known as (wait for it) Petal Runners.

The idea is to become a Petal Runner so that you can undertake deliveries, meet new friends, play minigames, and generally bask in a world that is meant to be relaxing and calming.

While there is no release date or window set for Petal Runner just yet, we do know that it will be coming to PC eventually. Check out the trailer below.

Petal Runner
Petal RunnerPetal Runner
Petal RunnerPetal Runner

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