Beats Solo 4: Does the Apple fall far from the tree?

In the midst of the iPad, Apple launches new Beats headphones with excellent sound quality and battery life. But are they worth the price?

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I am one of those who spend more time with my headphones on than off. In my case, it all started thanks to the Beats Fit Pro. They were a gift, and the first time I tried them on, they didn't seem worth the fuss. However, little by little, they took hold of me, and it didn't take long for them to become something indispensable.

Imagine catching the bus in the morning to go to work. It's raining, and the bus is packed to the brim. There's a constant bustle. So you pull out your Beats and put on your favorite song, and in an instant, you're in another world. Just by pressing a button, you have active noise cancellation (in case they have it), something that would be impossible or not as good with many other headphones. Now, moving from stop to stop becomes something pleasant, or at least tolerable.

Beats Solo 4

It might sound far-fetched, and you might think that something as trivial as the music you listen to in the morning, and how you listen to it, can't affect your day. But I must tell you that it does, or at least that's what I think. I believe that these little details make all the difference. And let me tell you, Beats is all about those little details. Some of their headphones include: Beats Solo 3, Beats Flex, Powerbeats Pro, Beats Studio Buds, and their upgraded version (Beats Studio Buds +), Beats Fit Pro, Beats Studio 3, and Beats Studio Pro.

So here we are today, with the latest addition to the Beats family: the Beats Solo 4, which hit the shelves just a few days ago on May 2nd, priced at £199.95/€229.95. But... What sets these Beats apart from the previous ones? Are they worth it?

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Beats Solo 4

The Beats Solo 4 breathe new life into one of Beats' most iconic models, bringing significant improvements in various aspects while maintaining its classic essence. If I had to highlight two things about the Beats Solo 4, they would be the sound and the battery life. With custom-designed 40mm drivers, these headphones minimize latency and distortion, delivering crisp and clear sound quality. Additionally, spatial audio with dynamic head tracking creates an immersive listening experience, making you feel surrounded by music. It's almost like having 64 speakers around you at the same time! The battery life is impressive, lasting up to 50 hours, and the Fast Fuel rapid charging provides an extra 5 hours with just 10 minutes of charging. And the best part? They still feature a 3.5mm jack, so you can enjoy lossless audio even when your battery runs out.

The Beats Solo 4 are compatible with both Apple and Android devices, despite their parent brand. The Bluetooth 5.3 Class 1 connectivity ensures a stable, high-quality connection, while integration with the Find My app and one-touch pairing make them suitable for daily use.

The design of the Beats Solo 4 is cut from the same cloth as its predecessors, with a touch of modernity. The new UltraPlush ear cushions and flexible grip headband offer exceptional comfort, allowing for long usage sessions. Additionally, the steel hinges allow for easy folding, and they come with a travel case for added portability. They are currently available in black, blue, and pink as seen in the photos, although more colours are likely to be added over time.

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Beats Solo 4

And here comes the downside: in case they have it. The Beats Solo 4 don't have active noise cancellation, just like their predecessors, the Solo 3, which can be a drawback in very noisy environments. If you're one of those people who have got used to other Beats models that feature ANC, this may pose a problem. And you might think that considering the retail price, they should include it, especially if you're new to Beats. However, because they fit snugly on the ears, they do provide some passive noise cancellation, but don't expect the same level as other models that do have this feature, such as the Beats Studio Pro. Additionally, due to this snug fit, users with larger head sizes may find them exerting too much pressure.

So that's all you need to know: I see the Beats Solo 4 as a breath of fresh air for a classic, with noticeable improvements in sound and battery life. If you're someone who doesn't mind giving up noise cancellation and plans to use the headphones in quieter environments like at home or in peaceful outdoor settings, they can be an excellent choice, thanks to their good sound quality and battery durability. However, if you're one of those individuals who, like me, prefer to sacrifice a bit of battery life for active noise cancellation, to avoid situations like the morning bus hustle, perhaps it's better to explore other options or brands.

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