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Beat Cop

Beat Cop isn't your average New York cop game

We talked to Pixel Crow's Maciej Miąsik at E3.

Beat Cop is the latest project by Pixel Crow and at E3 Gamereactor got the chance to speak to the the game's programmer and designer Maciej Miąsik about Beat Cop and what players can expect from the pixelated PC title.

"Beat Cop is the adventure game about a cop on the beat, obviously, as the title suggests", Miąsik joked, saying that it is about a "former detective [who] was demoted to the street cop and he's trying to figure out why, what's happened, who framed him".

In regards to the setting, Miąsik said "the game takes place in New York city, in 80s actually, and inspired [by] all those cop shows from our childhood we watched so it's tongue in the cheek vision, nostalgic vision of the 80s in the states".

When we asked about the gameplay he said that this is an "adventure where the time passes" day by day and "you have to make decisions whether you are doing your cop duties because as the cop on the street you have your duties. You have to issue tickets, you have to catch criminals, you have to keep the peace on the street. On the other hand you have the crime to solve and your time is limited, so you need to do your duties and find enough free time to move forward with the case. That's basically the idea of the gameplay".

Part of this involves interacting with the people and talking with them in order to progress your own case, however, this also involves interacting with criminals as "we have different factions on the street, we have old fashion Italian Mafia still being there" who are too powerful to take down, so "you need to learn to live with them". Keeping balance between the factions is still very important, between the police and the criminals. As a result, Beat Cop becomes what Miąsik calls "a pretty complex game.

We also asked about whether there would be much action in the game. "Sometimes you have to catch criminals [...] there's even shooting involved, but most of those actions are context based so you are only allowed to use weapons if there is a crime in progress". Other than that, though, he said it is "a simple point and click game".

The game's pixelated art style was another topic of discussion as well. "When I saw the style, when I saw this small cop drawn in a couple of pixels [...] I was aware that this is a huge potential to create a quite interesting game". This allowed the team to merge different ideas and cultural references using this art style.

Beat Cop is currently only planned for a PC release this autumn and most likely on mobile platforms as well, although the team is uncertain whether it will come to consoles or not.

For more on Beat Cop check out our hands on preview where we play the game for ourselves.

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