Bear and Breakfast

Bear and Breakfast's expansion patch is being delayed indefinitely

Because one of the game's three developers has been diagnosed with cancer.

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It is not easy being an indie developer. The latest news from the team behind Bear and Breakfast highlights as much.

In a post on X, the game director on the title, Rares, has revealed that the three-person team behind the game has recently received shocking news, as art director and Rares' wife, Ioana, has been diagnosed with Stage 4 Metastatic Breast Cancer. This means the team is facing the challenge of continuously updating and improving the game, while two of the three developers attached to the project have to process and overcome life-changing information.

This news does mean that the upcoming expansion patch for the game is being delayed indefinitely. We are told that lead programmer, Andu, is still hard at work improving the game and addressing bugs, all while readying the title for a launch on a new platform. Likewise, we can expect controller updates to arrive soon too.

You can read the full statement from game director Rares in the post below.

Bear and Breakfast

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