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Battletoads: More than 10 million turbo bikes wrecked

The old toads are back with a bang and their newest exploits are proving popular.

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While we don't have any sales figures or a player-count for Battletoads, which was released on Thursday last week, Rare shared a little nugget on Twitter during the weekend that seems to imply that the game is either doing great or is very hard. Maybe a bit of both.

It is Act 1, Stage 3: To The Queen that has been bugging people. A level where we get to ride the series' infamous turbo bikes again much too fast with obstacles just about everywhere - with one hit meaning instant death. This has led to gamers crashing a whole lot of bikes that were borrowed by the character Chet. Rare writes:

"You lot have wrecked more than 10 million turbo bikes now. Poor Chet."

10 million turbo bikes crashed after only a few days likely indicates that Battletoads has indeed been downloaded and played quite a lot. But as the game is tough as nails (and very entertaining), you can expect gamers to have died a lot on the turbo bike stage.

We hope Chet has good insurance.

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