Battletech's single player story detailed

Co-founder of the studio also went into detail on the combat mechanics.

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After showing a relatively long multiplayer trailer for the turn-based tactical mech-combat game Battletech last month, we've been treated to a new trailer showcased on E3's 2017 PC gaming show.

Battlezone is a modern turn-based tactical game set within the Mechwarrior universe and will feature three key modes of play, which are single player skirmish, multiplayer skirmish and an open ended mercenary campaign. Battletech's Mitch Gitelman had this to say about the story.

"You're going to see in a few moments Kamea Arano, she's a deposed ruler, her throne was taken by her uncle and you are going to jump in and help her regain her throne. The whole of space has been plunged into a bloody civil war."

As a mercenary in this galactic battle you will control teams of mechs in turn-based combat, as you try to out manoeuvre and disable the enemy. You will have a wide array of firepower at your disposal, including a few melee weapons for those who like to get up close and personal.

The tabletop classic will have you battling across a full 3D environment as you try to gain the tactical advantage on your opponents and of course, like any modern tactical the game, the environment plays a key role. Line of sight, the use sensors and cover will dictate the flow of gameplay on this battleground. Gitelman described the combat in more detail saying:

"Facing really matters in Battletech, battlemechs aren't giant bags of hit points, instead they have 11 different armour locations, there's internal structure, they have internal components these critical slots filled with all sorts of important pieces, so what you're trying to do is strip off the armour from one location and keep your facing to try and penetrate it and get to the juicy bits."

If you're interested in seeing more of the mech game in action then you can check out how to get beta access on the Battletech website. You can also watch the new footage below.


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