BattleTech's release date pushed back to 2018

But the backer beta is being updated.

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Harebrained Schemes and Paradox Interactive have announced that BattleTech's release date has been move to early 2018, pushed back from its earlier release date of later this year, and this is in order to give the developer the time they need to deliver "the type of quality experience the company is known for."

"Throughout development our Backers have been clear: 'Don't rush it, just make it great.' and we have taken that advice to heart," said Jordan Weisman, CEO of Harebrained Schemes and creator of the original board game and BattleTech universe. "HBS, Paradox, and our Backers all share a deeply personal attachment to this project and we are committed to delivering a game that not only meets the high expectations of our Backers and fans but introduces BattleTech to a new generation of players."

"The feedback and enthusiasm from Beta participants has shown us just how great BattleTech can be, and rushing development to fit a timeline would be a disservice," added Fredrik Wester, CEO of Paradox Interactive. "We believe in the Harebrained Schemes team, and want them to give the game the time and attention they need to create a turn-based game worthy of the name."

There is some good news, however, as Harebrained Schemes is updating the backer beta this week to include some improvements like AI upgrades, balance changes, gameplay tweaks, and more, all of which is based on feedback from the community. Another update will then arrive soon, allowing players to battle in PvP multiplayer, with the beta itself lasting "at least" another month, and if you're interested in taking part, you should visit the official website.

Would you rather it was delayed to ensure the quality is there?


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