Battlepalooza to launch on December 10

The title uses Google Maps to turn real world cities into battle arenas.

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nWay has announced that Battlepalooza is set to release on December 10 on iOS and Android devices. The title developed by nWay is an unusual one as it uses the Google Maps platform to turn real cities into battle arenas for its gameplay.

Battlepalooza is a battle royale, presented as a digital game show where live contestants from around the globe compete in real-time for prizes. Allowing for up to 24 players, with the option to queue as teams of two or three, in Duos and Trios respectively, this title features drop-in drop-out multiplayer for fast and accessible gameplay.

"With Battlepalooza, we set out to create a unique experience," said Taehoon Kim, CEO of nWay. "By combining real-time multiplayer competition and real-world city arenas with strategic combat systems and high accessibility, Battlepalooza will redefine the way players experience battle royales. We are optimistic about Battlepalooza and have already planned a robust roadmap of features and content to come in the near future."

You can, as of today, pre-register your interest in Battlepalooza to unlock special rewards. Do so by visiting the official website here.


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