Battle.net to get first major update in years

Blizzard is making some major changes to its iconic client.

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Blizzard Entertainment has announced that Battle.net (its game launcher, store and social platform) will be receiving its first major update in years. The new version of the client has been in beta for a while now, but it is set to be on its way globally soon.

Alongside several visual changes to its design, the new Battle.net will also be seeing improved navigation options that allow you to favourite your top games for easy access among other things. It will also be receiving a more expansive layout for news and game content in full-page view.

The social panel will be updated to better display where your friends are and what they are playing. And, a series of accessibility features are also on the way, to help users navigate the full client with just a keyboard, improve the colour contrast, and increase screen reader support.

A notifications hub for downloads and messages is likewise on the cards.

The update will be rolling out across North America first to ensure stability. As for elsewhere, the announcement post states; "We'll roll it out further in the weeks ahead, including to other player regions."

The post does also state that this is just the beginning of the updates, and that more features will be coming in the future.

Battle.net to get first major update in years
A look at the new client.

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