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Battlefield V

Battlefield V's premium currency is officially available today

The premium currency and some cosmetic packs to spend them on is heading onto the battlefield today .

The reality of microtransactions isn't necessarily the most joy-inducing topic to discuss but the real-money currency is live in Battlefield V today now for those of you wanting to spend the extra cash to look a little bit fancier, level up a little faster and gain the ability to play exclusive characters.

Going back to the controversy of microtransactions, however, the Battlefield Currency won't boost the skill set, offensive abilities, damage or health of players in any way, instead, it will be used only for cosmetic items and XP boosts.

Now, players will be able to get their hands on brand new epic cosmetic items as well as the other three rarity tiers that have been unlockable in the past. The player will also get the option to buy Elite Soldiers (a pack of Special Assignments that grant the player signature weapons when completed, new cosmetic items, voices and animations) later in chapter 3 of Tides of War, purchase Tier Catch-Ups (a time-saver granting the player chapter reward items such as cosmetic items and weapons without having to spend the time in the chapters) later this spring and two newly added bundles. The mentioned bundles, Starter Pack and Premium Starter Pack, will include character and weapon skins and some currency (500 with the Starter Pack and 3500 with the Premium Starter Pack) right now.

Do you spend actual money on games you've already bought?

Battlefield V

Source: Polygon

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