Battlefield V

Battlefield V's new map Solomon Islands revealed and dated

DICE has shown off the new map coming to its military shooter early next month.

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Developer DICE has just lifted the lid on Battlefield V's next chapter, Into the Jungle, which will take players into the Pacific Theatre of WW2 with U.S. and Japanese forces going head to head on February 6.

As part of the reveal, which you can see below, we got to see the new map coming to the game, Solomon Islands, a "narrow and intense" map that will support Conquest, Squad Conquest, Team Deathmatch and Breakthrough multiplayer modes, with the last one apparently the pick of the bunch with players storming the beach and pushing on through into the heart of the jungle.


The reveal of Update 6.0 also includes a couple of new weapons: the Type 11 LMG, the Model 37 shotgun, and the M2 Carbine. On top of that DICE is adding the M1A1 Bazooka, the Lunge Mine, and a smattering of new cosmetic items to unlock.

In the trailer below also meet Japenese commando Misaki, who unlocks at rank 40, with characters Steve Fisher and Akira Sakamoto also set to land in Chapter 6. And if you'd like a more detailed description of the map, head this way for the official blogpost.

Battlefield V

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