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Battlefield V

Battlefield V is heading to Iwo Jima, several more maps revealed

DICE had plenty to tell players during EA Play, including new maps and much-requested community features.

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Another game showcased during EA Play this year was Battlefield 5, and we got to see new maps coming to shooter this year, including something of a homecoming for the series, as Battlefield heads to the Pacific.

In the short term, the first new location to drop is North African map Al Sundan, which should hit on June 27, followed by a return to the Battle of Greece in Marita, which is dropping in July (see the trailer below for more on that). Al Sundan is described as "classic Battlefield", while Marita is more infantry focused.

In mid-June, we're getting an update to the battle royale map, Firestorm. Max rank has been bumped up from 50 up to Rank 500, with players getting new in-game items as they hit certain milestones. That update is coming in August, and the following month players are getting another long-awaited feature, private servers, which will be free for everyone who owns the game.


The final part of Chapter 4 involves two new close-quarters maps, an explosives production factory called Lofoten Islands, and we're heading to Provence in the other. No release dates were offered.

Then, between chapters four and five, in October, players will be able to get their hands on the rebooted Operation Métro map that goes by the new name of Operation Underground, which is infantry-focused and inspired by the fan favourite from BF3.


We also got a look at Chapter 5, which will take players to the Pacific Theatre, including a new realisation of Iwo Jima. The arsenal will expand, there will be new amphibious vehicles, and DICE is promising an immersive WW2 experience that takes the series back to its roots.

Finally, Battlefield V is heading to the so-called Vault across EA's subscription services, including PS4, where EA Access will launch next month. If you want more details, you'll find them here.

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Battlefield V

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