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Battlefield subreddit bans talk of "historical accuracy"

EA on women in Battlefield V: "accept it or don't buy the game."

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Controversy has continued to follow the announcement that women will be playable characters in the next Battlefield game with the series' main subreddit issuing an ultimatum to its users.

"We're done, its over. New rule: No more bitching about historical accuracy, it's a game, not a history book. Violations will have consequences," posted Moderator sloth_on_meth as an announcement on the main page of the subreddit.

The announcement follows DICE's own Oskar Gabrielson making a statement on his Twitter to address the toxicity of the vocal minority opposed to the move.

Discussions on the subreddit had devolved into "name calling and slapfights." With the mods no longer able keep up with the repetitive comments revolving around 'inaccuracy' they finally decided to take a stand.

"Hate us all you want but we're done with this bullshit," continued the statement. "This issue has been discussed in a million threads but we've never been brigaded more than we have in the past months. Admins can only keep up with so much. We're done wasting our time on this, every point has been made."

The moderators did add a later clarification to the post that sympathises with the fact that some people have valid criticism about Battlefield V and the customisation options within the game. Unfortunately, the moderators felt people were unable to have a civilised discussion about the topic and further action needed to be taken.

These comments come hot on the heels of EA chief creative officer Patrick Soderlund telling players to "either accept it or don't but the game." Here's what he said to Gamasutra earlier this weeK:

"On the [women] in Battlefield, this is something that the development team pushed. Battlefield V is a lot about the unseen, the untold, the unplayed. The common perception is that there were no women in World War II. There were a ton of women who both fought in World War II and partook in the war.

"These are people who are uneducated—they don't understand that this is a plausible scenario, and listen: this is a game. And today gaming is gender-diverse, like it hasn't been before. There are a lot of female people who want to play, and male players who want to play as a badass [woman].

"And we don't take any flak. We stand up for the cause, because I think those people who don't understand it, well, you have two choices: either accept it or don't buy the game. I'm fine with either or. It's just not ok."

Battlefield V

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