Battlefield: Bad Company 2

Battlefield: Bad Company 2's Vietnam DLC free on Xbox

The 60s are calling.

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Battlefield: Bad Company 2 was released all the way back in 2010 for the PC, PS3, and Xbox 360, throwing you into a sequel that was packed with explosive action, and there was even a Vietnam expansion released for the game as well, journeying back to the 60s.

As noticed by VG247, this Vietnam expansion is now free on the Xbox store, and those who want it can download it right now for their Xbox 360.

"Get ready for a whole new war, as DICE's massively popular online shooter Battlefield: Bad CompanyTM 2 makes the journey back to the 60's and the infamous Vietnam war," as described on the Xbox store page. "At the heart of this expansion lie four distinct, brand-new multiplayer maps based on the Vietnam War. Each map brings a new gameplay experience and fresh visuals, with characteristics such as foxholes, tunnels and dense jungles from where the enemy can launch surprise attacks. 15 weapons and 6 vehicles from the Vietnam War era are available from the moment you go online. Requires the latest multiplayer update."

Is this one of the best Battlefield DLCs?

Battlefield: Bad Company 2

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