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Battlefield 2042

Battlefield 2042 is in Steam's top ten worst-rated games of all-time

It has taken No. 9, only eight spots behind eFootball 2022.

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The woes of Battlefield 2042 have been a heavily discussed matter ever since the game launched into early access on November 12. There have been countless reports of issues, and fans being disappointed with the state of the game, a response which has actually led to the big-budget shooter taking up a slot in Steam's Hall of Shame, No. 9 to be exact.

Battlefield 2042 sits eight positions being the disastrous eFootball 2022, which still claims the top slot with a woeful 1.25% positive votes. As for Battlefield's percentage, it's considerably better than Konami's sports game, but it's still very low, with a measly 2.52% of positive votes to its name currently.

The Hall of Shame list automatically updates every 24 hours, with the next update scheduled for 6:30 GMT / 7:30 CET tomorrow morning. Battlefield's position seems to have the potential to change, as the most recent update saw the shooter move back a spot, from eighth to ninth, placing it just behind RollerCoaster Tycoon World, which has 2.46% positive votes.

This also follows the launch weekend of Battlefield 2042, a weekend where the big-budget shooter significantly failed to keep pace with the other major shooter of the past week: Halo Infinite, which nearly had double the playerbase of Dice's game on Steam.

What has your experience of Battlefield 2042 been like so far?

Battlefield 2042

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