Battlefield 1

Battlefield 1's Apocalypse content is dated for February

Bringing new battlegrounds, weapons, gadgets, and more.

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DICE has shared new details about the upcoming fourth expansion for their WW1 shooter Battlefield 1 in a recent blog post, which reveals that Premium Pass owners should get the new content in February sometime, featuring five new battlegrounds. The Belgium wasteland Passchendaele, the Italian countryside of Caporetto, and the French River Somme are among the next stations for brave soldiers to face their relentless enemies.

To bring the war experience to a higher level (quite literally) DICE has also unveiled the latest air assault game mode for talented pilots and steady-handed gunners. Two locations were briefly introduced for air assault - these being Razer's Edge and London Calling - and on top of this new mode we get additional content in terms of weapons (one melee, six guns), gadgets, and aircraft.

We also know about the latest weapon and service assignments too, which reward you with specialisations, medals, Dog Tags, and Ribbons over the course of your match history.

Remember that Battlefield 1's Turning Tides content can be played for free right now as part of a free trial running until January 22, even if you don't own the Premium Pass. Could Apocalypse be the best expansion yet?

Battlefield 1
Battlefield 1Battlefield 1
Battlefield 1Battlefield 1Battlefield 1

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