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Ring of Elysium

Battlecars are rolling out in Ring of Elysium

Season 5's content update brings new vehicular options to the battle royale shooter from Aurora Studio.

Ring of Elysium is a polished and capable battle royale shooter with some innovative traversal mechanics that help set it apart from the competition, and its distinctive flavour is about to get a boost with the addition of new 'battlecars' as part of the Season 5 content update.

The new season is called Battlecar Rises, and it brings a number of armoured vehicles to the island of Europa, and each one comes with its own specialist feature, further feeding into the asymmetry that Aurora Studios has been striving for. Simply put, players will be able to upgrade existing vehicles with parts found during the great scavenge at the start of each round, and then use them to try and take down their opponents.

The update also includes three new characters, a mountaineer called Edmund, a robot called Friday, and Alice, who ostensibly owns a bar but is actually an energy expert investigating an ancient civilisation on the island - yup, it's all pretty bonkers but that's half the charm.

Throw in new locations to explore, plus the addition of respawn points where, as we've seen in Apex Legends and Fortnite, players can bring their fallen comrades back from the dead, and RoE players have plenty to get their teeth stuck into.

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