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Battleborn's active player count has collapsed dramatically

In the last 24 hours, the maximum peak of players was only 641.

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Battleborn, Gearbox's new MOBA-style action shooter, is not doing very well by the looks of it. According to reports from Steam Charts, the number of active players on PC has collapsed dramatically in recent weeks (it may be linked to the recent introduction of micro-transactions, which players maybe haven't appreciated). Data that has emerged in the last 24 hours shows that the maximum peak of players was as low as 641.

It's a substantial drop if you remember that at launch, active users during the first 24 hours numbered approximately 12,000 on PC. Not even the discount announced for Battleborn three weeks after release has managed to bring in a sizeable audience. It's a pity, but not entirely unexpected when you look back at the game's critical reception just a couple of months ago...


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