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Battleborn will be completely unplayable starting January 25

The Gearbox developer shooter is shutting down at the end of this month.

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Later this month, the Gearbox developed shooter Battleborn will be taking a trip down the River Styx as it finally shuts down after almost five years of being released. The title saw a very turbulent life span, one where it was removed from digital storefronts back in November 2019, before also having microtransaction currency disabled in February 2020. This final stage is Battleborn's last breath, as come January 25, the game will not be playable, even as a single-player title.

The shutdown in a few weeks will see all aspects of the game closed, meaning if you do own the title, or are one of the very few who still regularly play, then you have around three weeks to say your goodbyes. As much as Battleborn never really made a huge impact on the gaming world, it is still sad to see it shutting down after such a short life span in the grand scheme of things.


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Battleborn is going offline

Battleborn is going offline

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Gearbox's game has been removed from digital storefronts, and the service will be "sunsetting" between now and January 2021.

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