Battleborn now available to play for free without time limits

Less of a demo, it's more like the full game, minus a few heroes

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Battleborn launched around the same time as Overwatch, and while some said the comparisons were unfair, Battleborn didn't leave much of a lasting impression. It fell flat in terms of its player base and didn't have the success Gearbox had hoped for, but today they've announced that almost the entire multiplayer experience is going free-to-play.

The Battleborn Free Trial is a free downloadable experience that grants players "unlimited access to all competitive multplayer gameplay modes and maps, without any time limits or level caps." Six playable heroes are available, with the same characters and account progression that is found in the full game, so if players decide to purchase the rest of the experience later on, they won't lose any progression.

Players who have purchased and played the game prior to the launch of the free trial are now classed as Founders and will receive a plethora of in-game content like loot packs, credits, an exclusive flair item, and more, so don't worry if you're already a loyal Battleborner.

Battleborn Free Trial is now available globally on Steam and Xbox One, and will be released on PS4 on June 13. If you're still playing Battleborn, what do you think of the game in its current state? If you haven't played before, will you give the free trial a shot? Let us know down below.


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