Battleborn is getting microtransactions imminently

Skins and taunts coming to an in-game store near you.

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Microtransactions will be introduced into Battleborn, as confirmed via an update on Battleborn's website:

"The update introduces Battleborn's premium currency, Platinum, which will allow you to purchase brand new skins and taunts for your heroes. The first wave of cosmetic add-ons includes skins for all 26 heroes and taunts for Ghalt, Oscar Mike, Benedict, Shayne & Aurox, El Dragon, Whiskey Foxtrot, Kleese, and Alani, with more to come in future updates."

Gearbox is considering expanding down the line and also allowing players to purchase blank spaces, loadouts or XP boosts, but in ways that "do not affect actual gameplay".

The prices for Platinum currency bundles are all on the website, the lowest being $1.99 USD for 240 Platinum and $49.99 USD for 9,300 Platinum. A taunt, for example, costs 230 Platinum whereas a skin costs 430. Steam wallet can also be used to purchases these bundles.

Gearbox ended the announcement with a reminder to fans that "as we've said all along, we're stuffing Battleborn with lots of free content across the board - five new, free heroes, competitive multiplayer maps, modes, and updates. Keep an eye out over the next several months as we have lots more content coming down the pipeline for those who own Battleborn."


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