Battle Prime

Battle Prime

BlitzTeam is competing with the mobile shooter powerhouse Call of Duty: Mobile with its latest release and we've tried it out.

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The App Store and Google Play are filled to the brim with action games with a multiplayer focus from smaller studios that have taken inspiration from Call of Duty and are attempting to rework the formula to make something that's the same but, you know, different. This is the case with BlitzTeam LLC's Battle Prime as well. According to the presentation and marketing material, Battle Prime relies heavily on and changes depending on which type of character players choose to control. Heavy, slow and strong. Lightning-fast. Smart and tactical. Support and healing. We've seen it all before, and even though that's not necessarily a bad thing, Battle Prime feels like a tired mish-mash of old ingredients.

Battle Prime works almost exactly like its biggest competitor Call of Duty: Mobile in regards to game mechanics. When you boot up the game, you'll choose between heading into battle and doing everything yourself with the help of buttons on the screen, and letting your chosen character fire its weapon automatically as soon as you move the sights over the body of an enemy. We have tried both and even though it works fine either way, the mechanics can't really stand tall when compared to Call of Duty: Mobile, which feels faster, more accurate, and more dynamic.

Battle Prime

The levels in the game are rather small and are all set in urban environments (most being of the picturesque variety with quaint little brick houses scattered about the place) and for the most part, your objective is to get to the centre of the map, lurk behind a corner of a house and take out enemy after enemy until there's no threat left. The teams house six players and more often than not, the team that reaches 100 points wins the match.

There are, of course, different modes in the game such as variants of Capture the Flag and Domination and, of course, there are plenty of weapons available, all of which can be upgraded. Upgrading your guns, however, will set you back some of your real, hard-earned money, and if you don't want to play the game for the rest of the year just to get to the same level as some of the other people playing, paying up is the way to move through the ranks. That said, the players that you meet in-game that have spent money on upgrades, armour and weaponry are enough to make one shy away from even trying the game as they're so much more powerful than those who have not.

The best thing about Battle Prime is, without a doubt, its graphics. Ahead of its release, we'd hear terms like "console graphics" and that label is most certainly well-earned. We tried the game out on an iPhone 11 Pro Max and despite running exceptionally well with no issues and having little-to-no loading times, it's been a joy to feast our eyes on the graphical grandeur of the game. The sound isn't great though, and neither are the close-to-forced microtransactions, so those of you who are looking for a shooter to play on your mobile would be better off trying out Call of Duty: Mobile instead.

Battle PrimeBattle PrimeBattle Prime
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Gorgeous graphics, sleek menus, nice game mechanics.
Lacks variety, bland levels, tons of microtransactions.
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"It's been a joy to feast our eyes on its graphical grandeur. The sound isn't great though, and neither are the close-to-forced microtransactions."

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