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Gotham Knights

Batman is dead in Gotham Knights

Four members of the "Bat-family" will have to step up and protect Gotham.

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As we all knew ahead of time, due to a number of leaks, Gotham Knights is the next game from Warner Montreal (Batman: Arkham Origins), and it's a game set in the Batman universe, but without the Dark Knight. The trailer conveys the idea that Bruce Wayne is dead (or is he?), and this forces the four members of the "Bat-family" to step up and save Gotham.

We're talking about Batgirl, Nightwing, Robin, and Red Hood; four playable characters that will be controlled by artificial intelligence, or by four players. It has also been confirmed that the mysterious Court of Owls will be the main villains, although there are others, such as Mr Freeze. In fact, Gotham will be completely open to exploration, and by the developer's statement, the idea seems to be to add content to the game after launch, similar to a live-service game.

Gotham Knights doesn't have platforms yet, but is planned for 2021, so PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X seem like good bets, but there may be old-gen versions in the works too.

Gotham KnightsGotham Knights
Batgirl and Robin
Gotham KnightsGotham Knights
Red Hood and Nightwing

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