Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League

Batman: Arkham devs confirm Suicide Squad game

Rocksteady is finally ready to show the long-rumoured game at DC Fandome.

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It's been five years, four if you count Batman: Arkham VR, since we heard something from the folks over at Rocksteady Studios, but that hasn't stopped the rumour-train from going crazy. Through the years there have been rumblings of a Superman, a Justice League and a Suicide Squad game, and now we finally know what the studio is working on.

Rocksteady has confirmed that it is indeed working on a Suicide Squad game, and reveals that it'll be unveiled at the DC Fandome show on August 22 (something some of you noticed I teased in the Secret Summer Games article with "super-secret" Rocksteady game).

The confirmation also reveals that Superman or Bizarro will be involved in some way. The phrasing "Target locked" might even indicate that he's the antagonist, but we'll see that and Warner Bros. Montreal's Batman game in two weeks.

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League

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