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Barotrauma's The Beasts Within update adds new monsters

From Hammerhead creatures to Traitor Missions, this update changes the way you play Daedalic's submarine game.

Daedalic Entertainment, FakeFish, and Undertow Games have launched the second major update for Barotrauma, called The Beasts Within, and we have a brand new trailer to show it in action.

This update is entirely free for players, and features quality of life improvements, although the main focus is the new alien Hammerhead Monster species, with big Matriarchs that can punch a hole in your hull and little Spawns that can overwhelm a crew.

We're also given 30 new character sprites, a fresh Kastrull submarine with an experimental open ballast tank and low tolerance for flooding, and new Traitor Missions to let players secretly work against their crew.

New features also include an improved server browser, overhauled bot AI logic, and 100 improvements and bug fixes elsewhere.

The game itself is priced at £21.49 (€24.99, $29.99 USD), and you can check out the new trailer and images below.

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