Barbenheimer helped the UK box office surpass £1 billion in 2023

This represents an 8.3% increase when compared to 2022.

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The immense success of Barbenheimer last year helped the UK box office reach heights not seen since before the pandemic.

Figures revealed by Comscore have shown that the total gross at the UK box office in 2023 was £1.3 billion, which is a 8.3 increase when compared to 2022. This still falls short of pre-pandemic figures though, as the UK box office exceeded 2023's total for five consecutive years leading up to the onset of the pandemic.

Barbie led the charge in this box office resurgence, with it pulling in £95.5 million in the UK and Ireland. This was followed by Oppenheimer in second place with £75 million and The Super Mario Bros. in third with £70 million. Impressively, Wonka placed in fourth with £49.2 million, despite only releasing in December.

With major blockbusters such as Dune: Part Two, Inside Out 2, Joker: Folie à Deux, and Gladiator 2 all scheduled for 2024, only time will tell if this success can continue.


Thanks, The Hollywood Reporter.

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