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Tekken 7

Bandai Namco are free to use Kazuma Kiryu in Tekken 7

According to the Yakuza producer at least.

If you have played the Yakuza series, chances are you remember its charismatic protagonist Kazuma Kiryu. He knows how to deliver a punch or two and has beaten up more bad guys than most video game icons, which is why some think he would be a perfect guest character for the Tekken series. Good news, as fortunately there doesn't seem to be anything stopping this from happening.

In a recent livestream, the producer of the Yakuza series Daisuke Sato said: "As far as it comes down to the whole Tekken thing, if Harada-san actually says he wants to use Kiryu, then hey."

So let's keep our fingers crossed that Kiryu can take a break from beating up Japanese mafia and instead practice his fists and feet against the faces of characters like Heihachi, Marshall Law, and Nina Williams. Is this something you would love to see?

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Thanks, ResetEra user The Artisan.

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