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Bandai Namco are considering multiplayer for Code Vein

We had a chat with produce Keita Iizuka and director Hiroshi Yoshimura at TGS.

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At this year's Tokyo Game Show we got to see Code Vein in action, and later play it (have you seen the gameplay clip?), but we also got to chat with producer Keita Iizuka and director Hiroshi Yoshimura, where we got to discuss the gameplay mechanics and the story of the game. One of the elements that caught our attention was the transforming cape that turned into a scorpion's tail.

"We call this special weapon the blood veil," said Yoshimura. "We have four types of the blood veil, so far. And at TGS you can try two types, one is the Orc [Ogre] and the other is the stinger type. By using this special attack, blood veil, you can drain blood from the enemies."


The conversation also revolved around the challenge the game provides and then turned to potential multiplayer support. "Yes, we are now thinking of the multiplayer support," said Iizuka. "But we cannot tell about details on this part. However, we really focus on the buddy system in this game so with this idea we negotiating and discussing with the development team to install a multiplayer support system."

Sounds like potentially a co-op partner could replace your "AI buddy" if we interpreted things correctly.

Code Vein is set for release next year on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. You can catch a gameplay clip from TGS below:


As well as the TGS story trailer:


What do you make of the upcoming game?

Code Vein

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