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Baldur's Gate III

Baldur's Gate is being developed by a team of 400 people

The team has grown tenfold since Divinity: Original Sin.

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While Baldur's Gate III has been available in Early Access ever since 2020, the game is still yet to be finished. In fact, Baldur's Gate III won't even release before 2023, as developer Larian Studios has revealed. With this development timeline, you might be thinking that Larian is a smaller team, but that's not exactly the case, in fact today's Larian is ten times bigger than it was back when it launched Divinity: Original Sin.

That's right, Larian has significantly expanded, to the point where Baldur's Gate III is being developed by a team of over 400 people, as the studio's founder Swen Vincke told PC Gamer.

"I never expected us to be 400 people to make BG3. Nobody expected it. But it's literally what we needed to do it. We had a choice. There was a moment where we started understanding what we needed to do to make this game. We thought we understood. Then we actually really understood. And so we had two choices: we could scale it down, or we could scale ourselves up. And so we chose to scale ourselves up."

Have you been playing Baldur's Gate III ever since it launched into Early Access?

Baldur's Gate III

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