Baldur's Gate III

Baldur's Gate III Patch 5 adds new epilogue, difficulty mode, and more

The game's fifth patch is a whopping 30GB of data, but it adds a tonne of content.

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Baldur's Gate III Patch 5 is live, and it's a biggie. You'll need around 30GB free to install it, but if you don't have that amount of space, Larian just recommends reinstalling the game. But, even with it taking up a lot of space, it adds a lot of new content.

Firstly, there's the new epilogue, which takes place a few months after the game's ending and lets you see what happened to all your party mates. Thousands of lines of dialogue have been implemented to make your ending feel more unique.

Also, there's the new Honour Mode, which adds an even higher level of difficulty for players. It also gives bosses new Legendary Actions, which allows them to pull off a special move that we've not seen before.

If you're looking to tone down the difficulty, you can do just that in the custom difficulty mode as well. We'd suggest reading through the full and lengthy patch notes if you want to know absolutely everything, but once again we're a bit stunned at how so much content has been added to the game in the four months since release.

Baldur's Gate III

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