Balatro developer: "I was expecting to sell maybe 10 copies"

LocalThunk assumed he'd be looking for a regular IT job post-launch, but then a million units were shifted.

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Balatro has been one of the year's biggest successes when it comes to indie games. The poker roguelike has seen massive amounts of interest ever since it made its debut earlier this year, so much so that it has genuinely shocked and surprised developer LocalThunk.

In a post on X, the developer reveals that they were expecting to only sell a few copies and then get back to a job search for another more regular role in the IT space.

"One year ago I was preparing to publish my weird little game on Steam and look for an IT job again. I made the store page live in May and was expecting to sell maybe 10 copies".

Balatro has since become a million seller and is continuing to thrive with planned new updates and features incoming. If you haven't had a chance to check out the game (make sure you do), you can find our review of it right here.


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